Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3rd in the 3/4 at Winchester!

The Winchester Wheelmen hosted The Apple Harvest Cross at Jim Barnett Park in Winchester, VA this past weekend. Like last weekend, this race is not sanctioned by either the Mabra or MAC series so I decided to move up into a stronger category for the experience. I chose the regular 3/4 instead of the usual 3/4 35+. I thought chasing a bunch of young guys around in the mud would be fun.

The course was soggy from all the rain we had in the days before but mother nature gave us a break from the showers on race day. A fast and furious start allowed a small group to get a gap. Stephen Wahl had an early mechanical which cost him valuable time but he would put in a good ride and finish 5th on the podium. With a little more than 2 laps to go, Andrew Welch, Paul Rades and myself were at the front. These two were strong and really fighting it out while I was trying to stay close. I came around a corner and headed straight into a muddy section where I lightly tapped my front break and my wheel came to a halt throwing me straight over the handlebars. As I am flying through the air all I can think about is the bike. It was also going to take a fairly hard spill. Please be damage! I jump up and the first thing I notice is that the chain has come off. I quickly get it back on. I then jump on the bike and realize that the seat is bent sideways. I attempt to ride it with the seat sideways but I knew that was not going to work. I jump off and start slamming the seat back in place as Rusty Williford and Tim Brown, last weeks 3/4 winner at Hyattsville, pass me. I finally get it back in place and start to chase. I'm in 5th place at the moment with moving up on my mind. I catch Tim and he says he is at his limit. I go by and start after Rusty. As I come around the next corner I see Paul Rades has had a puncture and walking his bike off the course. Andrew is all alone at the front soloing away for his first career win. I continue to chase but have to settle for 3rd place.

The Mabra Series starts back up next weekend in Washington DC.

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